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Studying New Ways to Treat Patients: Dr. Pablo Jeczmien

December 30, 2017

For most of the time these days, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien dedicates himself to investigating and studying the mind-body connection and how that interaction affects healing. He is examining certain aspects of the philosophy of science that could provide some insight as to how mending that bridge between the mind and body can lead to new ways to treat patients. He wants to know everything he can about those concepts. He is already trying to apply them to his thriving clinical practice.

That has always been the case, it seems. Dr. Pablo Jeczmien actually began his career as a heart surgeon, working with a highly regarded team, until he decided to change course. He decided to specialize in psychiatry and psychotherapy as part of a personal quest to better understand how the mind and the body worked together. That doesn’t sound much different than his current pursuits. That’s why his current practice is more holistic in nature nowadays. That approach allows him to only use medications as a last resort, which is of great benefit to clients.